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Welcome everyone to the cyber den of The Bear Whisperer with Blaine Anthony. I have been honored and humbled over the past couple years to be one of the most watched shows on outdoor television, not to mention the awards the team and I have won, including The Sportsmans Choice award in our very first year.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to bring the show every year now into millions of homes. Many people thought the idea’s we had as far as style, conservation, education and hunting would be risky, I knew from traveling the world that most people completely misunderstood the black bear and was thirsting for more information.

Black bear hunting has become very popular over the years and continues to get more popular by the year. With hundreds of species experts such as whitetail, many experts and even other outdoor producers kept suggesting to bring my stories of bear hunting, bear encounters and the conservation work we do in the field to television which would bring an entirely new look to outdoor TV and have something truly different to watch. Well I did and the response has been over whelming.

The show is very difficult to produce as we don’t show the typical bear eating candy and then getting shot, but much more complicated going over alternative hunting styles of bear as well as the conservation and education. The only thing I can promise is I will continue to travel the world looking for the best experts in the bear field and bring them into your homes every year. I will continue to call bears in close, dive into bear dens during the winter time to continue our conservation efforts of tagging and tracking bears, relocating nuisance bears, and show you the coolest bear hunting techniques, equipment and secrets available today.

The beanie is on, Fancy pants are loaded, and I’ll see you soon!

Blaine Anthony

“Blaine’s Story”

About Blaine

Blaine Anthony began his outdoor television career seven years ago on The Sportsman Channel. Before diving into the world of outdoor television entertainment, Blaine made his living in the outdoors as a Registered Maine Guide. Blaine provided all-inclusive bear hunts to hunters from around the world for seven years. In that time, he acquired intimate knowledge on the elusive black bear and the world of hunting by traveling the world to ensure hands on experience with all types of bears from many regions. Many of Blaine’s customers touted his uncanny connection with the bears and his endless entertaining stories of bear encounters. At the advice of many customers, friends, and industry professionals, Blaine took his adventures to outdoor television.

As host of The Bear Whisperer television show, Blaine travels throughout North America in search of the most dangerous and misunderstood big game animals. The Bear Whisperer aims to not only entertain viewers with upbeat and exciting hunts with Blaine’s quirky appearance and upbeat attitude, but also educate them on all that pertains to conserving and protecting the future of the bears. Blending excitement with education, and working with the most knowledgeable and credible experts in North America, sets The Bear Whisperer apart from any other hunting show on television.

You may recognize Blaine as the host of North American Safari, airing on The Sportsman Channel in its seventeenth season. Throughout the years, viewers have enjoyed his quirky “rock star” image, exciting adventures, modern style, and visually pleasing approach to hunting television. Blaine also owns and runs Nature Productions, a full production company that currently puts out some of the industry’s top outdoor television shows.

The son of a military man, Blaine moved around the world throughout his childhood. As a young man, he settled in the Washington, D.C. area and started his career. The never-ending draw to the outdoors eventually brought him to central Maine, where he and his family still make their home today.

The nickname “Bear Whisperer” was coined to Blaine back in the year 1999. He always had a connection and understanding with bears without ever loosing the respect of the awesome predator. Considered to be one of the only “true” bear conservationist employing real conservation methods such as tagging, tracking and maybe the most important conservation efforts of all hunting, Blaine brings a real life, no holds barred show to millions every week.


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The Bear Whisperer team is spending all of 2012 filming for the next exciting season of The Bear Whisperer with Blaine Anthony. New types of conservation will be featured such as trapping bears then tagging them. Relocation of adult bears that had been raising under captivity and set into the wild to be free again, and of course all your favorites from calling in bears, spot and stalk and many other methods of hunting.

The number one question being asked after the award winning freshman year of the bear whisperer is “When and Where will it be airing in 2013”. The production staff is in negotiations now with multiple networks that would like to have the show as part of their schedule. Team Bear Whisperer will be choosing the station that offers the best airtimes to reach the most amount of viewers. An announcement will be made very soon on channel selection, days and times.

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